DigitaLMoney – Nickels PLUS

On the card: The gift card is valid for purchase at the best marketing chains, restaurants and attractions nationwide and at a resort

– Meals at the popular coffee shop chains nationwide

– Realization in marketing networks, including doubling promotions and end-of-season promotions

– A variety of recreation and leisure options

– gyms, cinemas and selected attractions throughout the country

– Spending time at spa resorts

– Wineries and culinary workshops

– Holiday in B&Bs New! You can pay at a resort using a resort card. Just choose a product and on the payment page choose payment with a gift card.

– The card is valid for 5 years

– The benefit cannot be redeemed in surplus stores, club member discounts and/or club points accumulation and/or redemption on online sites (unless otherwise specified), and Cinema City buffets.

– A purchase on the online websites of FOX HOME and FOX HOME requires a CVV number

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