Bluetooth sound projector with wireless subwoofer 350W- POLK S4

Sound projector that supports Dolby Atmos simulates 3D sound with a powerful wireless subwoofer including an HDMI connection (eARC) and an optical input.

– Support for the 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos format enables high-quality three-dimensional sound simulation (also for height).

– Maximizing the sound track of the TV through an array of 7 advanced drivers that disperses the sounds in the space effectively without depriving any of the viewers.

– Adaptation to any type of contemporary television through an HDMI connection with a repeatable sound channel (eARC) or through a digital audio input through an optical cable.

– Support for wireless streaming of music through Bluetooth connectivity. Polk's unique VoiceAdjust™ technology combined with a separate center channel of the Signa S4 allows speech voices to be understood even when the soundtrack is loaded with background noise or when the volume is low such as during late night viewing.

– A powerful subwoofer speaker in a wireless connection guarantees vibrating bass sounds with depth.

– Precise direction of the bass volume in both the sound projector unit and the subwoofer speaker unit, allows the low sounds to be precise for a perfect listening experience.


Product dimensions: soundbar 6X 9.5X104.6 cm, subwoofer 28X 32.8 X20 cm

להצעת מחיר אטרקטיבית עבור Bluetooth sound projector with wireless subwoofer 350W- POLK S4


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