Home yoga mat for stretching STRETCH


– A stretching mattress inspired by yoga

– combines a number of programs to release the muscles, the back and the spine, reduces tension in the shoulders and is excellent for releasing tension in the lower back.

– gently moves the spine along its entire length

– causes a fresh feeling and flexibility in the body.

– Has 3 power levels – for an ideal fit for the user. The mattress combines 4 built-in plans:

– TWIST – gently moves the spine for freshness and flexibility.

– FLOW – a program that helps renew energy.

– ENERGISE – "rehabilitation" program after prolonged sitting.

– STRETCH – reduces tension in shoulders and hips.

User manual:

– You should lie on your back with the buttock placed close to the elevation at the lower end, and the head resting on the pillow.

– When the program started close your eyes, relax your muscles and focus on your breathing, take deep and slow breaths. As with anything new, start gently and progress as the body gets used to the treatment.

– It is recommended to start with a gentle "stretching" treatment, level 1 and wait about 48 hours until the next treatment.

– As the body gets used to it, you can also do two treatments a day.

– Operating instructions in the attached link.

For more details

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